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Holiday Special This Week

Beat the traffic of the malls and get your product shipped on time by ordering now.  Save money too!  Use the cupon code: Merry, when you check out! The coupon is good for $25.00 off your order of the featured items below.

USE COUPON CODE: Merry - (valid through 12/21/2016)


* For non United States orders go to place an order and recieve a $30.00 Rebate through PayPal.

1 cASE 4 Bottles 1LITER EA.

$25.00 off 1 case of Tahitian Noni Juice at wholesale.  Retail price is $140.00  Your wholesale price is 130.00 minus the coupon, your price $115.00 plus tax and shipping for your area.  Buy Now!

Essential Oils Family Gift Box

With 12 different blends, there's a Tahitian Noni Essential Oil for everyone, and these blends boast something that no other essential oils can: noni seed oil. The oil from noni seeds contains transdermal benefits, having been shown to improve the absorption of medicinal compounds through the skin. In other words, adding noni seed oil to our 12 different essential oils makes their topical benefits more effective. Meanwhile, they also provide fantastic benefits through aromatherapy, especially with the use of our diffuser. Finally, we've included a case for protecting and transporting your oils.

$475.00 save $25.00 with Coupon.


4 Bottles of
TruAge Max

Your Price is $165.00 wholesale minus $25.00 off Coupon That's $145.00 Regular retail is $190.00.

There is no finer health supplement on the market today than TruAge Max. Harnessing the power of over 30 different iridoids from five sources (including Tahitian Noni, the original superfruit), TruAge Max protects the cells from damage caused by advanced glycation end-products. Additionally, daily consumption of Max will promote healthy blood vessel formation, maintain healthy circulatory function, and much more.  25 fl oz/750ml or 250ml bottle 


Age Intervention Set + Microderm
  • Combines the benefits of all three Defy treatment products with professional-grade, at-home microdermabrasion

  • Best money-saving option with immediate results

  • Wholesale is $199.99  Normal retail price is $240.00 Your price with Coupon $174.00 

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