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Newage Lip & Lash Products Including Lucim &Temana Brands

TeMana Lips is a new Morinda introduction and what a product it is. Many beauty products are made from an ugly amalgamation of synthetic products that harm the skin. Despite the aesthetic they provide, general beauty products can be dangerous to the health of your skin. TeMana's unique blend of all-natural ingredients shirks this trend. By combining the finest ingredients the earth has to offer, TeMana provides a world-wide array of health benefits to your skin without any of the drawbacks to the health or beauty of your skin.  TeMana Lips follows this mold to perfection. Harnessing the power of noni, cornelian cherry, and a variety of natural oils, TeMana Lips cleanses the skin with aplomb while providing deep moisture and a soothing touch to your skin. Each product in the TeMana line is designed to promote a youthful appearance and keep your skin healthy for the long haul. 

Aiyana Lucas can attest to the beautiful touch of TeMana Lips. "I use the lip treatment every day all day!" she says. "It is so soft, and I just want to rub it all over my face. It smells amazing! It is like candy. I love this lip treatment, the lip gloss too. I just love the look of it."  The natural ingredients make TeMana look, feel, and smell great.

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